The Pixel Console and Mirror is made of Corian and Wenge wood. Inspired by our collective online world of digital pictures, the piece is derived from classic rococo proportions. Available by custom order.

Mirror Size: 28"w x 1-1/2"d x 42"h
Table: 40”w x 12”d x 32” high
Material: Corian/Wenge, mirror
Production: Waterjet, hand finished

On the Fly

On the Fly

On the Fly is made from 12mm Baltic Birch. The table legs with screen printed top fits together without hardware making it easy to assemble and ready for any space or can be carried to a picnic or impromptu cocktail party because it comes with it’s own bag. The table is limited edition and available at the www.artfulhome.com

Size: 18” x 18” x 18”
Material: 12mm Baltic Birch, waterbased ink, urethane finish
Production: cnc router, screen printed, hand finished



Interested in the revisiting the category of garden and street furniture, this custom-made outdoor bench – with its angles and facets – seeks to evoke and domesticate nature and is, at once, both craggy and comfortable.

Size: 35" x 17" x 75"
Materials: Fiberglass with handcut plywood
Fabrication: Production run to be Thermal formed

Seat of Knowledge / Table of Contents

“Seat of Knowledge” and “Table of Contents” are two related furniture pieces that gave new life to discarded books. Looking like a cranked stack of books sitting on the floor, the helix-like structure represents a binding together of the assorted volumes on a hidden custom-made steel frame. In the case of the “Seat of Knowledge”, four evenly stacked piles of books are fitted together on a frame with castors. Both pieces create a twist on the ideas of the coffee table and the coffee table book.

Materials: Steel frame, books


In a similar exploration with familiar and found materials, Planko created a pair of lounge chairs comprised of two mattresses that were taken apart and reconstituted as seating.

Materials: Steel Coils, steel frame, plywood and wool
Size: 40"x 30" x 36"


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